Even Americans who aren't all that interested in soccer are paying attention to the World Cup.  While just ten-percent of those answering a Harris Poll say they follow soccer, 19-percent are keeping track of the World Cup starting with round one.  And once the event gets down to the final match a third of Americans -- including 27-percent who don't follow the sport -- admit they'll be monitoring the game.  Interest in soccer is the greatest among Americans under the age of 49, with 27-percent saying they enjoy the game.  More than a quarter of both Millennials and Gen Xers are following the World Cup from round one, while 39-percent of the Gen Xers and 42-percent of the Millennials say they'll be watching the final match.

National pride is the biggest motivator for watching the World Cup.  Overall, 35-percent say they'll be tuning in "to support Team U.S.A."  The U.S. played their first World Cup game Monday night, and beat Ghana by a score of 2-to-1.