Construction on a new sewer and storm water tank along Ray Street led to a major traffic diversion, beginning Monday on the South Hill in Spokane. Crews closed both lanes of Ray Street from 20th to 21st Avenue, diverting traffic to Freya Street.

The Spokane Streets Department  anticipated the closure would last 14 work days, or nearly three weeks.

Connecting the new million-gallon tank to the existing sewer line was one of the final steps to making it operational. Unfortunately for drivers, authorities said that sewer line lies right under the center of Ray Street, which is not wide enough to allow any traffic around the project.

In addition to northbound and southbound traffic on Ray being rerouted to Freya, southbound drivers have the option of detouring east on 17th over to Perry St. and up the hill on Southeast Boulevard.

Spokane Streets Dept. anticipated the closure would last 14 work days, which works out to nearly three weeks.