Police were on scene of a stabbing call near Boone and N. Division on Saturday night.

Police said they first got a call that someone had been hit by a car at North Bowl on Normandie. A few minutes later, police said they received a call that someone had been stabbed at Mr. Car Wash on N. Division. Police said they eventually were able to connect the two incidents.

Officials said there were two people, both men, in a car and two people, a man and woman, on foot. Witnesses said the people in the car were following the people on foot. Police said a confrontation broke out between the four people. The people in the car got out to fight the others, according to police.

Police said the man on foot was hit over the head with a skateboard and a man in the car was stabbed. Police said the woman on foot was hit by the car.

Officials said the two people in the car drove to the car wash where a man walked in and told employees that he had been stabbed.

The man stabbed and the man hit with the skateboard were both taken to the hospital, according to police. Police said none of the injuries were serious.

The two men in the car were identified as Abraham Simon and 20-year-old Jacob Ulland. Ulland was the stabbing victim, according to police. Both men were charged with First Degree Assault.