Grocery prices were suddenly skyrocketing all over the country in 2014. Customers and grocery store owners alike were feeling the pinch. 

Owner operated stores such as Grocery Outlet, Bargain Giant and La Michoacana Market were fighting to stay alive. 

Simon Garcia has served up burritos at his store along Sprague and University in the Spokane Valley for 15 years. He also sold groceries to a loyal group of customers who pack the store for a wide selection of carne asada. 

Garcia said he has not raised his prices in three years even with the cost of meat rising. 

A USA Today study found that the price of bacon skyrocketed up 53%, ground beef and oranges went up 35%, coffee went up 30% and chicken went up 22%. 

A food service provider said a shortage in livestock, rising fuel and corn prices contributed to the higher cost in groceries. 

Garcia said no matter what his costs were he would keep making great food, work hard and hope his loyal customers would keep coming in.