Two people and an 8-year-old girl suffered severe injuries after a pit bull attack Thursday in Spokane.

It happened at a home near East Bridgeport and Pittsburgh, according to Spokane Police.

Jason Connerly ran to the scene after hearing screams pouring from the nearby property.  When he arrived at the home, he found a pit bull had attacked a little girl and a neighbor who tried to save her.

Connerly grabbed a shovel and fought the dog off with 15 blows.  In the commotion, the pit bull bit him three times.  The neighbor, who attempted to save the little girl, had bite wounds to his arm and face.  According to medics, the little girl barely escaped with her life.

The dog’s owner, Kathy Southern, was not home at the time.  She claimed the attack was not from negligence, but that the neighborhood kids had opened the gate to her yard.

There was a second dog on the property that did not appear to be involved in the attacks, according to investigators.  However, SCRAPS took both dogs for a rabies evaluation.

Investigators planned to gather more information before deciding what actions to take.