The Spokane Police Department announced Friday that the prosecutor’s office had completed its review of a fatal officer involved shooting. A decorated war veteran was killed in February after leading multiple law enforcement agencies on a high speed chase across state lines.

The Spokane County Sheriff said 23-year-old Jedadiah Zillmer was intent on committing suicide by cop. 

The Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team investigated the shooting, which involved seven Spokane County Sheriff’s deputies. Deputies Thurman, Walter, Hubbell, Hirzel, Moyer and Watts were placed on administrative leave during the investigation. The case was passed on to Deputy Prosecutor Driscoll who determined the deputies’ use of deadly force was justified.

“Officers clearly had probably cause to believe Mr. Zillmer posed a threat of serious physical harm to officers and civilians alike,” Driscoll said. “He was armed with a pistol that he refused to put down, had access to many others and stated an intent to use them if not stopped. Officers were acting in a good faith belief that their use of deadly force was justified, without malice or evil intent.”

The prosecutor said no criminal charges will be filed against the deputies.