An ordinance introduced for the first time on Monday night upset some people in the food truck industry. The ordinance would limit where food trucks could go and would create new zoning regulations for them.    

Rowan Doctor owned a truck that sold authentic Jamaican food on the Sunset Hill near Browne’s Addition. He said the ordinance would drive food trucks out of the city.

Doctor’s truck, the Jamaican Jerk Pan, sold popular dishes such as the curry and Jamaican jerk chicken.

“It's knowing that they come back every day with a big smile expecting the same thing,” said Doctor.

City officials said the ordinance to regulate the food truck industry was part of a mobile food vendor project. The goal of the project was to ensure the city’s rules support the changes and growth in the industry.

Some food truck owners said they had issues with some new fees that the ordinance would bring. Some of the fees included a $40 initial application fee and an additional $10 fee for each additional truck the owner would want a license for. There were also zoning rules regulating the trucks parking in Downtown Spokane.

Doctor said he already paid more than $1,000 per year to operate his business between the City and the County.

“I don't like what I see in the future because it's not beneficial for us as small business owners,” said Doctor.

There was an estimated 15 to 20 new food trucks operating within Spokane City limits in may.

City officials said they were trying to get a handle on the business before trucks were parking anywhere.

There was set to be more discussion on the ordinance at the next City Council meeting.