The Spokane City Council approved an important piece of the new convention center hotel in downtown.

One of the goals of the new convention center hotel is to bring in more conferences to the Spokane area.

Construction of the Grand Hotel Spokane is changing the look of downtown, especially along Spokane Falls Boulevard.

The new building will have more than 700 rooms.

As the hotel takes shape, crews are getting ready for the next major step in the project.

A skywalk connecting the hotel to the convention center is a central part of the plan to bring more events to Spokane.

On Tuesday evening, the city council approved plans for Spokane's longest skywalk.

The project calls for the skywalk to be taller on one side.

It will also be a different height on one end and slant down to the other.

City staff have checked to make sure it can still be accessible for the disabled.  

Crews hope to get much of the construction for the skywalk done before the end of the year.