The wheels began moving on Tuesday to eventually release the man serving time for the murders of two Spokane girls.

Michael Tarbert was sentenced for killing Nicki Wood and Rebecca West in May of 1998. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, but could be released later in 2014.

Tarbert qualified to be released on Tuesday according to Washington State Department of Corrections workers. However, DOC workers added that Tarbert does not have a release plan, release location or date.
Tarbert must present a plan indicating where he would be release to DOC leaders. The plan would then need to be approved. DOC leaders confirmed on Tuesday that Tarbet has not had a release plan approved.

DOC workers said in most cases, offenders are released to the county of their first conviction. Although the policy can change if there are concerns about the victim, limited resources for treatment, and lack of community support.

Tarbert could sit in prison until 2022 if he serves his entire sentence.

Nicki Wood and Rebecca West were both abducted in the West Central neighborhood of Spokane in 1991. Wood’s body was found during Firestorm. West’s body was never found.