A Spokane Valley deputy took a man to jail on Monday over loud music. A Spokane County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson said the deputy was checking out a noise complaint at a home on North University when he could physically feel the music and bass.

Zachary Villareal, 27, answered the door after the deputy knocked for the third time, according to the spokesperson. The spokesperson said Villareal told the deputy, “Just give me a ticket so I can go back to my music.” 

It was the third time in about one month that deputies had to respond to the home, according to the Sheriff’s Office. 

Villareal said he was trying to blow of some steam when his day got a whole lot worse. 

Villareal was taken to jail and spend more than a day there.

Officials said the callers reporting the loud music had reached a breaking point. 

Villareal said he was not going to play his music that loud again for a while.