A jury decided on Wednesday that Daniel Arteaga is guilty of murdering his mistress on New Year’s 2012. He shot Kimberly Schmidt inside her home.

Schmidt was found by her mother with a single gunshot wound to the head.

It took the jury about two hours to find Arteaga guilty of murder.

The defense had said there was no proof that Arteaga was there when Schmidt died. The prosecution painted Arteaga as a jealous boyfriend. They said Arteaga was beside himself when Schmidt made it clear that she was rekindling a romance with the father of her daughter.



Schmidt’s family was emotional on Wednesday and grateful for the outcome.

“I'm very pleased with the jury. I think justice has finally been served. The whole family looks forward to being able to recover,” said Schmidt’s mother, Tony Schmidt.

Those close to Schmidt said Arteaga was demeaning, controlling and abusive.

“There's no closure because she is gone, but we can at least move to the next step now,” said Toni Schmidt.

Arteaga was married during his relationship with Schmidt. His wife left the courtroom on Wednesday without giving a comment.

Arteaga was set to be sentenced for the murder in the weeks following the jury’s decision.