State investigators have been looking into the cause of a big fire at a Silverwood Theme Park restroom on August 24th.

When the fire hit, everyone who was in water park was evacuated into the main park area.

WATCH:  Flames engulf restroom at Silverwood Theme Park

Silverwood employees receive training for emergencies like fires. 

It was part of the "Crisis Plan" at Silverwood. 

Park managers said employees are trained on evacuation procedures, and mock drills are held at the beginning of every season.

Boulder Beach was closed for about two hours before people were let back in. The four attractions closest to the fire scene stayed closed for the rest of the day.  They have since been reopened.
Meanwhile, investigators from the Idaho State Fire Marshal's office have been combing through the burned out building to determine a cause to the fire. They have ruled out an electrical problem. 

They told say they are still considering other possibilities, including an accidental spark, or even arson.

Park managers said the bathroom building will be demolished and eventually rebuilt.