Deputies with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office contacted Christopher P. Henderson, 37, hours before he shot and killed his wife at the Rockwood Cancer Treatment Center at Deaconess Hospital. Henderson also receive his firearm from authorities the day before the deadly shooting. 

Henderson also shot and killed himself on Tuesday. 

Deputies contacted Henderson before the shooting because he had made suicidal threats. He was overheard saying "my wife left, I have nothing to live for," according to authorities. 

Authorities said Henderson and his wife, Sheena M. Henderson, had no history of domestic violence. However, authorities said Sheena was trying to obtain a restraining order before her death. 

In May, officers with the Spokane Police Department took a gun from Henderson following a call from his wife. Sheena said her husband was suicidal and threatening suicide by cop according to authorities. Authorities found Henderson in his vehicle and he was armed. They took his weapon and booked it into SPD’s property facility. Henderson was hospitalized following the issue but was released three hours later according to law enforcement. 

Henderson received his gun back on July 7. Employees at the SPD storage facility released the gun to Henderson just four hours after deputies contacted Henderson. Department of Social Health Services leaders signed off on a waiver to return the firearm. DSHS leaders provided the paperwork in June. However, Henderson did not pick up his gun until July 7. 

The Spokane County Medical Examiner announced on Wednesday that Sheena Henderson, 30, died from multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said her husband walked into a lab area, where Sheena worked, with what looked like a pistol and ambushed her. Witnesses said they heard six shots fired. They described the killing as 'cold' and 'targeted.' The shooting was reportedly carried out 'execution'-style.