The manager at Kouchlock Productions confirmed Wednesday that the first retail marijuana store in Spokane will open July 1.

The manager added that the store, located at Francis and Napa, should have all inspections done by the end of June. 

The Washington State Liquor Control Board issued the state’s first licenses to produce and process recreational marijuana during a Board meeting at its headquarters in Olympia in March. 

The licenses were issued to Spokane’s Sean Green who planned to operate his business under the trade name Kouchlock Productions.

The owner of Washington's first marijuana retail outlet, Scott O’Neil, doesn't even smoke pot. He says it was his good friend Green who convinced him to get into the business.

As July 1 approaches, O’Neil said he is feeling a sense of relief and tension all at the same time.

What is not certain is whether the new store will keep up with the predicted demand on day one.

The 35 licensed producers actively growing marijuana in the state have only been allowed to grow for the past four months. The two-month cycle from marijuana seed to the retail store means customers will be limited in the amount they can buy.

O’Neil said more than likely, customers would only be able to walk away with a gram or an eighth of an ounce of pot until the supply chain is more stable. In the meantime, O’Neil said he has been contacting every marijuana producer in the state trying to secure a steady supply chain.

It is also not clear what costs will be. Prices will be higher in Washington state than in Colorado, however, because of taxes. In Colorado, an eighth of an ounce will cost anywhere from $65 to $75.

One thing is certain: on July 1, people will be lining up outside Kouchlock Production’s door.