A Spokane business owner found a simple fix for a complex problem in August.  He bought a former police car and used it to scare away crooks and criminals.


The business owner, who asked not to be named, said he was sick of thieves, thugs, and prostitutes in his neighborhood in Downtown Spokane. 

“We’re tired of the prostitutes, we’re tired of the druggies, and we want to make a change,” he said. 

He said the $5,000 he spent on the former police car was some of the best money he had ever spent.  The Ford Crown Victoria that was previously used by the City of Prosser Police Department became too rundown to stay on the force.  It found a new purpose in Spokane.

“It moves around a lot. Some times it hides,” said the business owner. “The police smile when they drive by.”

Local authorities said they were grateful to see a reduction in crime following one man’s simple technique; parking a car.  He said he spent thousands of dollars on security measures in the past, but nothing compared to his new Crown Vic.

“It’s pretty fun,” he said. “It sends a message.”

He said his technique is even starting to inspire others to follow suit. 

“There may be a few more downtown,” he said