The heavy rain in Downtown Spokane Thursday caused flooding to the corner of 2nd and Howard, leading to some damage at local businesses in the process.

At Interplayers Theatre, they like to say 'all the world is a stage.' But this is one performance they didn't have a chance to rehearse for. The storm drains just couldn’t handle the hard and fast rain.
It was much of the same at Howard Street Boxing on the east side of the block, where head coach Ray Kerwick was mopping the floor instead training his fighters.

Just after 1 p.m., a pounding rain roared right over Downtown Spokane for as many as 30 minutes. The entire block at 2nd and Howard seemed to fill with water. Storm drains along the stretch couldn't handle it, shooting water back through toilets and drain pipes.

When staff at Interplayers realized the rehearsal area was flooding, about a dozen people sprung into action. 

Brown said she isn't sure if her insurance will cover the damage to her props. She said the fabrics, rugs and upholstery pieces are things she probably can't replace. 
The performance of the play “The Foreigner" was not canceled due to the flooding, however.