As the award winning musical "The Book of Mormon" comes to Spokane, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints claimed the show doesn't accurately represent their religion and members.

The Book of Mormon tells the story of two missionaries sent to Africa to spread the word of their religion.

Local LDS members say it is not a fair representation of their church.

They said they hope people who see the show also learn more about the Mormon faith.

The Book of Mormon opened on Broadway more than three years ago.  It is still playing in New York and touring across the country.

As the show debuts in Spokane, missionaries from around the world have also arrived in Spokane to teach others about their church, The Bible, and the Book of Mormon.

Church leaders familiar with the production said it gives the wrong impression.

"I think it's great to have this play here, and I hope that people will seek to learn more about what the Book of Mormon is really all about," said one church leader.

The musical features a storyline where missionaries make up stories to convince others to join their religion.

It also has one missionary trying to get his own following while another abandons his mission.

LDS members in Spokane say it's important to appreciate the sacrifice they made when on their mission.

"I gave up my family, friends, possible future careers to go out and share this message," said one church member.