Authorities said the storm that caused severe damage and 50,000 power outages in early August became the second worst to hit the area in 18 years. The worst in recent memory: the 1996 Ice Storm.

1996 Ice Strom
2014 August Windstorm
100,000 power outages 50,000 power outages
  50 wildfires
Maxing out fire resources Maxing out fire resources
Downed trees Downed trees
16 degrees 90+ degrees
Widespread damage Isolated damage

In 1996, heavy ice coated trees causing them to snap and knock down power lines. The system was dubbed “Ice Storm” and it destroyed much of the infrastructure of Washington Water Power, now Avista.

At the height of Ice Storm, more than 100,000 people had no power; more than half of the residents of Spokane. The majority of those who lost power initially were still in the dark three days later. The numbers did not decrease to 20,000 until six days after the storm. Some people shivered in the dark for two weeks before their lights and heat finally turned back on.