The Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service wants to know if you are harboring a fugitive. In other words, is your pet properly licensed?

It is illegal to have an animal that is not licensed. This summer, there has been a 10-percent drop in people getting their pets documented. The result is a lot less money for SCRAPS and a lot more homeless animals on our streets.

“When you get a pet, you’re responsible for it. It’s no longer a wild animal. It belongs to you,” said pet owner Jeannine Senechal.

This year at SCRAPS, the cages are nearly all full and workers are faced with a threat. It is a case of more with less. Revenues at SCRAPS are down by a $.25 million because people are not licensing their pets.

“We want to do everything to protect the people and the pets without that revenue, it’s going to be hard,” said Nancy Hill from SCARPS.

SCRAPS gets a majority of its money from license fees. When people do not pay up, it cost SCRAPS.

Revenues at SCRAPS are down so much that administrators are considering reducing hours and staffing cuts.  This could mean more homeless pets.

To get more people to license their pets, SCRAPS recently unveiled a new ad campaign, “Are you harboring a fugitive?”

The campaign was meant to get people’s attention, it is meant to make people more responsible.

The whole process of licensing your pet is actually pretty easy. You can do it online, in person at SCRAPS or over the phone. Failure to do so can result in a $56 ticket.