The FBI continues to investigate an alleged inappropriate relationship between a Spokane County deputy prosecutor and a convicted felon in jail.

KREM 2 News broke the story in June. At the time KREM 2 News reported about the prosecutor on administrative leave and under federal investigation for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with an inmate at the Spokane County jail.

In August, Two on Your Side obtained a letter signed with the name of the inmate in the middle of the scandal.  He defended what he refers to as a relationship.

The prosecutor under investigation was working in the property crimes unit when that alleged relationship began.

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Records show the inmate had his cases handled by the Spokane County's gang unit. KREM 2 News found no records of the deputy prosecutor ever being on one of his cases.

According to the author of the letter, their paths somehow crossed.

"I am being punished and violated by the system all for a relationship I have had with a deputy prosecutor," according to the author of the letter.

The letter later stated, "what's the crime in that? Just two people who happened to live on different sides of the fence? On the wrong sides of the law? We never broke one law. Her and I never did any wrong."

The writer told KREM 2 News he is tired of being a victim and a scapegoat.  He said the justice system is corrupt. He referred to the whole thing as a Cinderella story.  He said he plans to write a book about his experience.

Calls to the inmate's defense team were not returned.

The scandal has caused the inmate's cases to be handled by another jurisdiction. The FBI said the case is a very active investigation.  FBI leaders added that charges are possible in the matter but would not comment further.

The convicted felon remains locked up at the county jail.

**KREM 2 News has chosen not name the female deputy prosecutor in this case because she has not been charged. The inmate was not named because authorities said he could be a potential victim.