A child was found injured during a raid on a Spokane Valley home Tuesday morning. Nine people were detained, according to officials.

A weeklong investigation led authorities to believe there was stolen property inside two houses near the intersection of N. Ellen Rd. and N. Calvin Rd. SWAT was reportedly called in to help detectives execute simultaneous search warrants on the properties.  

Detectives and SWAT members arrested seven people at a home on Longfellow Rd., where one suspect unsuccessfully attempted to escape. Authorities detained two more suspects at the second residence on N. Calvin Rd.

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office said detectives and SWAT members found a 12-year-old boy that appeared to have been assaulted multiple times at Calvin address. According to reports, the boy's father brought him to there from Idaho to "get disciplined."

Authorities said the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office would handle the assault allegations, since they stemmed from Idaho.

Both of the suspects said they did not hurt the boy. They added they thought the whole raid was a misunderstanding. They said they paid for the haul of items with cash. 

Witness Janet Lamb said she saw the suspected items being carried out of the Spokane Valley home. 

Law enforcement recovered stolen power tools, electronics, generators and other expensive items during the raids.

Neighbors described the Calvin address as a problem house. 

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office expected the ongoing investigation to lead to multiple arrests and charges. The Sheriff’s Office said deputies would contact victims who reported the stolen items that were recovered during the raid as soon as possible.