>>Seattle Is Most Miserable Sports City, Says "Forbes" 

"Worst."  "Misreable."  You pick the word.  As a lover of all things Seattle sports, I wholeheartedly agree with the "Forbes" ranking.  Forbes ranks Seattle as the most miserable sports city in America in a list released Wednesday.  The city hasn't had a championship since 1979 and the team that won it, the NBA's Sonics, is now located in Oklahoma City.  The Seahawks lost in the NFL playoffs last season.  Seattle ranked just ahead of Atlanta.  We all know - even you Pittsburgh fans - that the Hawks had a Superbowl Championship, but it was stolen away.  The Mariners have never won anything.  They didn't even field a winning team until 1991. And those that get excited about the 3 West Division championships only prove the point that we stink.  A record tying 116 wins in 2001 got us only an embrassing playoff exit. We are fine with medriocrity.  Being in games makes us excited.  Well some of us.  I won't buy a darn thing that is connected to Nintendo. (Owners of the Ms.)  Bud Selig ripped us off in '69-'70 by stealing the Pilots.  While I appreciate the lawsuit that eventually brought us the Mariners, I do wonder how much easier my sports life would have been without the gut wrenching non championship years we have had to endure.  It's a little easier dealing with the Sonics and Seahawks and their down years.  They don't stretch 162 games.  Can't wait for King Felix to pitch today!!!

>>Red Sox Outlast Mariners In 15 

Meanwhile many of us lost sleep last night while staying up only to watch Stephen Drew's one-out, bases-loaded single drove in Dustin Pedroia with the winning run in the bottom of the 15th inning and the Red Sox defeated the Mariners 5-4 at Fenway Park.  Lucas Luetge gave up the winning run and fell to 0-and-2 for Seattle.  Kyle Seager lifted a solo homer and knocked in two runs for the Mariners.  Seattle has lost four of five and the series finale is tonight. 

>>Walk Off Win

The Spokane Indians' Barrett Serrato hammered a two-run, walk-off home run to right field in the bottom of the 11th inning to lead the Spokane Indians to a 6-4 win over the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes